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Linux Iptables Tutorial

Iptables is a tool that is used to configure the netfilter linux kernel module. This inspects all the incoming / outcoming network packets and decides what is to be done with each of them.

This article is not fully featured documentation, it only shows a number of commands and their functionality. Iptables capabilities are huge, however for most of the use cases the information present in this article should do.
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Xdebug Installation – Issues and Solutions

I use PHP in my personal day to day projects. I use the Eclipse based PDT as my IDE of choice. Debugging is an important part of the programming activity, and I use Xdebug for all the PHP development I do.

Many times I had issues installing it, making various mistakes. The current article is a step by step check list to be used to troubleshoot the Xdebug installation.
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How to use Java ObjectOutputStream

Java has a very sophisticated yet simple to use serialization mechanism. It allows a program to transform an object to an array of bytes. In that form, the object can be persisted on the disk or transferred via a socket, or kept in memory for future use.

Later the object can be recreated from this array of bytes for further use.
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Configure Postfix

Postfix is one of the most popular MTA (mail transfer agent) products on unix. This article presents a simple way of configuring postfix for virtual domains

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